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Course Objective

There are only so many lectures, and so many laboratories, available during one academic quarter. A course like Animal Science 1, with a title of Domestic Animals and People, never has enough time to meet all the objectives that demand our attention. Time does not permit us to cover all of the animals that serve people around the globe. This discussion section is an attempt to widen the scope of Animal Science 1 to species beyond those typically exploited in American agriculture.

There are dozens of species, used in every corner of the world, that people have come to rely upon, yet we do not have time to cover in Animal Science 1.  Camels, llamas, emus and buffalo are only the beginning of a list that could extend up and down this page.  Over the next few weeks we will use this discussion section to explore the role played by a variety of other species using the format of Animal Science 1 as a template.