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ANS 144 - Beef Cattle and Sheep Production
3 Credits / Spring 2013


The purpose of this course is to provide the student with information and skills needed for management of beef cattle and sheep production enterprises. This entails the integration and application of principles of genetics, physiology, nutrition and economic and business to the operation of these enterprises. In addition, current issues of concern to these livestock industries will be discussed.


The student should have had Animal Science 41 and upper division courses in nutrition and genetics, equivalent to Nutrition 115 and Animal Genetics 107. Also, some familiarity with micro-computing is required, such as Agricultural Science and Environment 21. A course in Range Science is recommended.


Richard A Zinn, Ph.D.
(760) 356-3068

Dr. Richard Zinn is  a professor of animal science in the Department of Animal Science at University of California. He has a B.S. degree in
Animal Science from Brigham Young University, Utah (1974); a Master degree in Animal Science from the same university (1975); and a Ph.D. degree in Nutrition (Ruminant) from University of Kentucky, Kentucky (1978). His research interests are ruminant nutrition, feedlot cattle nutrition and management, and factors associated with digestive function. Currently he is located at Imperial Valley Agricultural Center, El Centro, California.

Dana Van Liew

VanLiew PhotoDana Van Liew is a Lecturer in the Department of Animal Science at University of California. He teaches Animal Science 41L (Domestic Animal Production Laboratory), Animal Science 21, 22A, 22B (Animal Selection/Judging Course Series), and Animal Science 49I (Introductory Sheep Management).

He is conducting the Professional and Youth Animal Industry Field Days and Educational Events, Cal Aggie Educational Field Work and Industry Interaction associated with Judging Team Program.

His outreach program are Cal Aggie and Animal Industry Leadership and Commodity Development, Undergraduate Student Recruitment, Animal Industry Leadership Training and Graduate Career Placement, and Animal Industry Youth Education and Training.

He is affiliated with CAES Outreach and Student Recruitment, CAES Agricultural Sciences Field Day, California Agricultural Teachers Association, and Junior Grand National Advisory Committee.

Teaching Assistant

Jill Soderstrom
Office hours by appointment (2121 Meyer)

Jill PhotoJill Soderstrom is a PhD student in Animal Biology in the Department of Animal Science. Her research interest is focused on the dairy cattle nutrition, with an emphasis on fat use and mobilization in dairy cows. She has a BS degree in Physical and Biological Anthropology from UC Davis (2008) and a Master degree in Animal Biology (Dairy Cattle Nutrition) from UC Davis (2011).



The Student Disability Center asks that students interested in serving as paid notetakers for this course please contact Russ Zochowski at rjzochowski@ucdavis.edu. Notetakers are paid a stipend of $25 per unit, but must have a social security number in order to be paid. Students are asked to put notetaker, the course title, number, and instructor's name in the subject lines of their emails. Their information will be passed along to the SDC student in need of notes, and if they are interested they will contact each student accordingly.